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Retirement Account Trusts

An Important Estate Planning Tool

As a complex area of estate planning, it is important to receive the appropriate legal advice before attempting to set up a retirement account trust. They are an estate planning tool that designates a trust as the beneficiary of your IRA or other retirement plans. 

Charitable Deduction Planning

Planning your giving

Considering all your options when planning charitable deductions will help you map out the most effective way ahead. It will also help prevent potential tax issues for you, your family, or the organizations you want to help. Our legal guidance will save you the headaches of trying to go it alone with charitable contributions.

Private Foundation Formation

Create A Charitable Organization

The formation of a private foundation can be an effective way to achieve your charitable goals and establish a legacy while minimizing tax paid on your assets. They  are essentially personal charities organized like trusts. We will help you with the key upfront decisions, as well as the ongoing complexities of operating your fund correctly.

LLC Formation

Structure your new business

How you structure your new business will affect many aspects of it in the future. This includes the amount of tax you pay.

An LLC may be created for almost any legal business purpose except insurance and banking. The asset protection a properly structured LLC can provide is especially useful in the medical, construction, real estate, retail, transportation or other high-risk sectors.

Business Succession Planning

Plan the success of your business after you exit

The time to plan the future of your business after you are gone is while you still have the energy and strength of mind to make informed business decisions. As an experienced business and estate planners,  our firm completes all elements of a comprehensive plan that works for your future, your family’s future, and the future of your business.

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