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there are annuities available that will double your money in 10 years And will pay you lifetime income that you can’t outlive.

An annuity is the only product available that will guarantee an income for your entire life, many have low fees and they will all grow tax deferred.

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Low Fees

Low Fees

The majority of annuities Trajan Wealth use have fees of 1% or less per year.

Tax Deferred

Tax Deferred

Unlike CD’s, all annuities grow tax deferred.



You won't forfeit principle. Your beneficiaries will inherit your principal when you pass.


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Annuities are filed with and approved by state insurance regulators. Fixed annuities have NO market risk, and owners of fixed annuities do not participate directly in any financial market. Whether interest is declared in advance or determined by the performance of a market index, that interest, along with the premium paid, is guaranteed NEVER to go down because the markets do. 

There are several variations of annuities. A fixed annuity provides a guaranteed minimum return by the issuing insurance company. A common guarantee on a fixed annuity may range between 2% and 6%. An indexed annuity credits interest based on the performance of a particular index such as the S&P 500.

Annuities can function as a strategic part of your retirement plan, helping you plan for financial challenges like rising healthcare costs and an increasingly unpredictable global market. Every retirement plan and retiree is different, with different personalities, goals and worries. Some people are more risk-averse, for example, or simply have fewer assets and therefore are less comfortable with putting those assets at risk. Other people truly love the process of investing in the stock market, or they have amassed enough assets that they are less worried about the risk, perhaps. You have to know yourself and what will make you comfortable, because who wants a retirement filled with worry?

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Annuity guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.  Any examples provided are hypothetical.  Annuities are issued with prospectus and sales brochures and should be reviewed carefully before investing as features and benefits vary.