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Writing gun trusts

You want to leave firearms behind but not worry about future family members? If you don’t do this now, things could get complicated later on. A gun trust ensures your firearms are passed along according to your wishes – legally and efficiently – ensuring future generations won’t have problems accessing your guns.

The benefits of setting up a gun trust now

Gun trusts are sometimes used by individuals  to enable the acquisition of certain types of NFA firearms, such as suppressors, silencers, short-barreled rifles and short-barreled shotguns.

From an estate planning point of view, the most important use of gun trusts is to simplify the process of transferring your firearms (both NFA and otherwise) to your loved ones when you are either incapacitated or you pass away.

You can specify who gets what and at what age they are entitled to receive them.

A gun trust protects family members from criminal liability for being in possession of your firearms after you are gone. The beneficiaries will be allowed to possess, transport or sell your firearms without fear of punishment.

As well as protecting your loved ones, a gun trust helps you protect your cherished firearms. You can give care instructions and pass on advice for preserving their value.

Trusts are complex

Get the Right Advice

Mistakes in setting up your gun trust can lead to the types of complications such as: 

  • Confiscation of firearms
  • Destruction of the guns
  • Sky-high taxes 
  • Forced sale 

Never attempt this complex area of estate planning without first getting the right legal advice. Especially, be wary of any services described as “do-it-yourself gun trusts” that can be set up “in minutes”.

We have an attorney on staff who is a gun enthusiast with extensive experience in helping individuals properly protect all their assets through trust formation – including their guns.

Once you set up your gun trust, if there are future state or federal changes to gun control laws that affect your wishes, you can amend your trust quite easily.

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