Tax Planning

We offer our clients tax planning strategies

Tax Planning

At Trajan Wealth, we understand the important connection between proper tax planning and successful retirement planning for self-employed individuals.  Many of our advisors are CFPs (Certified Financial Planners) and we always consider tax implications in our retirement income plans. For example, when people retire, they are often in a lower tax bracket in their first and possibly second year of tax filing. There may be an opportunity to convert taxable investments to tax-free investments with lower tax consequences than if they liquidate and may higher taxes later.

If your current advisor isn’t aware of the current tax laws that apply to you, you could be placing your retirement at risk. Get a complimentary second opinion on your retirement income plan today.

Small Business Taxes

We also offer small business tax planning services. Our focus is on lowering your tax liability through tax incentives and deductions with a personalized experience. 

In addition, we also offer 401(k) planning for you and your employees. Click here for more information on choosing a 401(k) plan for your small business.

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