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Investments? Estate plans? Don’t worry. Trajan Wealth has a fiduciary responsibility to be transparent and act in your best interests. 

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Trajan Wealth Is A fiduciary

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A client-Centric Approach To Investing

We review your risk tolerance level, along with learning about your goals and the timeline for your objectives. By working together, we will develop a financial plan that reflects your values.

Financial Advisors for Wealth Management

Transparent and experienced advisors

From portfolio growth to annuities, we've got answers. We also have a straight-forward fee for wealth management. Our interests are aligned since the more you make, the more we make. 

One of a kind Wealth Management

As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we aren’t tied to one set of products. Trajan Wealth can provide you with a wider variety of portfolios, resources and options.

We are Dave Ramsey Vetted

Dave Ramsey is one of America’s most trusted voice on money and business matters. He is a personal money-management expert, radio personality, and author of numerous books. We are excited to be part of the SmartVestor program because Dave’s beliefs about financial education and retirement planning are rooted in the same beliefs as Trajan Wealth. By having the heart of a teacher, and not of a salesman, we dedicate the time needed to listen to your goals and educate you on your investment options.

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