Get income for life

with a bonus up to 25%

An annuity is the only available product that will guarantee income for your entire life. Your future income will grow tax-deferred with an annuity, unlike CDs and savings accounts. Most Trajan Wealth annuities come with fees of 1% or less per year. Plus, you can qualify for up to a 25% bonus just for opening an account,which can be used for income purposes.

Hypothetical Example:

Invest $200,000
+ 25% bonus upfront
+ up to 10% growth over ten years
= $450,000
(For income purposes

The bonus can be used for your retirement income later, helping to bridge the gap between what you’ve saved and what you’ll need in retirement.
Retirement Gap Graphic

Do you...

Have money earning next to nothing in the bank?

Worry about losses from stock market volatility?

An annuity might be right for you

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We Specialize In Custom Financial Plans

No two portfolios (or retirement plans) are alike and that’s what makes working with us so different from anywhere else. We offer guidance based on your individual needs whether it be to generate higher returns, to provide you with guaranteed monthly income, or if taxes concern you as well. 

Our advisors have years of experience and knowledge which means they can give you objective advice about your investments. One thing we don’t recommend?  Trying to time the market! It’s nearly impossible for people to predict where the market will bottom until after it has already happened. We’ll instead help you stay focused on your goals in the long term by creating a portfolio with tactical changes today, while also giving thought to how these changes may affect you tomorrow.

We believe that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes from understanding and planning for their financial future.


Annuities can function as a strategic part of your retirement plan, helping you plan for financial challenges. However, there is no one size fits all retirement plan and no one annuity that’s the best for everyone. Every retirement plan and retiree is different, with different personalities, goals and worries. Some people are more risk-averse, for example, or simply have fewer assets and therefore are less comfortable with putting those assets at risk. Other people have amassed enough assets that they are less worried about the risk, perhaps. You have to know yourself and what will make you comfortable, because who wants a retirement filled with worry?

About Us

As an independent registered investment advisory (RIA) firm, Trajan Wealth is devoted to providing individuals in or approaching retirement with targeted asset management to help protect, maintain, and grow their financial portfolios. In addition, we partner with independent attorneys that focus exclusively on estate planning law. 

Jeff Junior
Jeff Junior, CEO

Founded in 2012, Trajan Wealth is an independent financial services company with thousands of clients that we’ve helped.

Jeff Junior, the CEO, is a Marine Corp veteran. Our team shares common values like committing to solving others’ problems.

Despite our decade of experience, our full service team actually starts with you. We consider our clients to be a part of the team.


We'll do the paperwork and guide you step by step

First Step

Schedule a short call with a fiduciary advisor. We will answer any questions you have, review your goals, and give you guidance on what may be the best options for you.

Second Step

In our follow-up meeting, we enter a detailed fact-finding process. This includes learning more about your specific financial situation so we can tailor a custom solution.

Third Step

Our team will review your current retirement strategy and level of market risk. Then we present you with customized options designed to protect and grow your investments.


As Seen and Heard On

*Annuity guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Any examples provided are hypothetical. Annuities are issued with prospectus and sales brochures and should be reviewed carefully before funding as features and benefits vary.