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You can qualify for a bonus of up to 30%, just for opening an account, which can be used for retirement income.

Once you stop working, you’ll start pulling money OUT of your savings instead of putting money in. That can be scary.

We are leaders in helping people enter retirement feeling confident and secure, knowing they’ve secured guaranteed income for life. Talk to one of our financial experts and discover the new and affordable options available to you.
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Unlike CD's and savings accounts, annuities grow tax-deferred for potential savings.

Secure income

An annuity is the only available product that will guarantee income for your entire life.

Low Fees

The majority of annuities that Trajan Wealth uses have fees of 1% or less per year.

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Today’s longer retirement comes with a number of inherent risks that we have to consider. That includes rising health care costs, inflation, and higher taxes. Plus concerns about an increasingly unpredictable global market and future of the Social Security program.
Annuities can function as a strategic part of your retirement plan, helping you plan for financial challenges. However, there is no one size fits all retirement plan and no one annuity that’s the best for everyone. Every retirement plan and retiree is different, with different personalities, goals and worries. You have to know yourself and what will make you comfortable, because who wants a retirement filled with worry?
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Indepedent with More To Offer

Yes – Some annuity products offer an upfront bonus just for opening an account for retirement income. It’s not too good to be true. We have access to annuity options that many other financial advisors do not. Why? We are one of the few who can offer products like these because we’re a Registered Investment Advisor. We are not registered with a Broker Dealer dictating products to sell, and we don’t have to answer to a board of directors who prioritize shareholders.


Trajan Wealth advisors are fiduciaries and not dually registered brokers with a 2nd agenda to make sales. That means we always put clients’ best interests first. We’ve helped thousands of clients to protect their futures and grow their investments.

Tactical Planning

At Trajan Wealth, we believe in tactical investments with a focus on long-term core capital preservation. Our advisors get to know you and structure your portfolio for growth in line with your risk tolerance level based on low or no-cost investment options.


Trajan Wealth was established in 2012. We are veteran-led. Our advisors are hand-picked and have years of experience. Many of them are also Certified Financial Planners ™ professionals.

We can help you design the retirement you want.

You just need to create a plan based on your personal goals, assets, and expenses that also takes into account all of the potential risks of a long retirement. And here’s good news: we can do exactly that.