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Volatility and Real Retirement Risks

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The information presented is not typically covered by the media, but in light of current circumstances, we thought it important to share these pitfalls and retirement risks.

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Retirement is scary. Will you run out of money?

We all know that an iceberg brought down the Titanic, but it wasn’t the part of the iceberg that the captain saw that did that. In fact, 90% of icebergs are underwater. It is the portion you don’t see coming that represents the significant danger.

Retirement risks are similar. We all know the market was due for correction prior to the Coronavirus. However, there are other risks that are not as apparent.

As you change or rebuild your retirement plans, consider:

  • The Coronavirus impact on your retirement, your family, and how to protect yourself from the downside of this “financial fever”
  • The oil markets are burning, and the financial dominoes have started to fall on the US and World economies. Where does the market go from here?
  • Major challenges facing every investor in today’s volatile market that aren't in the headlines.
  • Why a 1st or 2nd financial opinion can be critical to sustaining 20-40 years of retirement.
  • How Trajan Wealth separates themselves from other wealth management firms and how they can help you create a well-defined recovery plan.

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