Protect your family from these unnecessary costs and hardships of probate

Written by Trajan Estate attorney Kent Phelps, his guidance will help you avoid the seven most common and costly estate planning mistakes. Get your free copy today.

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CrEating an Estate Planning Is Hard enough

Without Worrying if it was done correctly

The potential for problems is high:

  • Challenged wills
  • Family disharmony
  • Disagreement about the guardianship of children
  • Digital asset confusion
  • Long and painful lawsuits
  • High attorney fees

These are just a few of the potential problems that can devastate a family and your legacy.

Estate planning with a law firm that is aware of the risks puts you in a stronger position to pass on to beneficiaries exactly what you intend to pass on.

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About The Author

As a second-generation estate planning attorney with two decades of experience, Kent Phelps has seen how even the best intentions can have negative results. Without considering estate planning, family members can be left in confusion, turmoil, or worse, after a loved one passes.

That is why his focus is on creating comprehensive estate plans that fulfill the wishes of professionals, business owners, and retirees – enabling a transition that protects the remaining beneficiaries.


His vision is simple and powerful: provide every client with an exceptional legal planning experience. With a decade spent in the courtroom as a trial attorney, Kent understands how to help clients and their families protect against predatory lawsuits and stay out of court.

Kent is recognized in the media as an estate-planning authority. He has been featured in ABC News, NBC News, FOX News and

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Actual Trajan Estate client reviews

Just a few minutes into our first meeting we had a high level of confidence that we had landed in the right place and knew we were in good hands. The entire experience – from the first meeting through the delivery of the final documents – was not only painless, but it was also pleasant!
- Randall & Julie F.
We felt like they really listened to us as we talked about our family and business and what we wanted to accomplish. They took the time to help us understand how living trusts and LLC’s work and how they can help protect our family and property. The fixed fee approach was very appealing to us. We were excited when we received our estate planning and LLC notebooks!
- Christine & Arvon J.

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