Jeff Junior

Trajan Wealth Founder & CEO

"Overcommit to solve other people's problems. Regardless of our title, it's all about helping your fellow employee, client or prospect."

Jeff's Story

Marine CORP to finance: Service to Others

Marine Life
Jeff grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin. His father owned a 10 lane bowling alley and his mother was a nurse. They instilled a strong pursuit of doing things correctly, working hard, and a passion to care for others. Jeff joined the United States Marine Corps, where he proudly served in a Marine Expeditionary Unit.
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Enter the World of Finance
He obtained his degree in 1997 from Campbell University in Buies Creek, NC, and immediately entered the financial services and insurance sector. Jeff has served corporations large and small in roles such as financial advisor, vice president, and senior partner. These roles lead him to found Trajan Wealth, with an "over commitment" to help others.
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Love All Around
He met his wife Brenda, who is also a veteran, while stationed in Camp Lejeune N.C. While Jeff decided to pursue the financial sector, Brenda became a nurse practitioner. She then joined the ranks of Trajan Wealth as the Chief Operating Officer in 2020. Their son, Conner, was an Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force and joined the family business. Their daughter, Bree, recently graduated from WP Carey School of Business. Jeff continues to pursue his core values and serves his clients and employees with the utmost service and respect.
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Jeff Junior has spent over two decades in the financial services profession helping individuals and couples in or nearing retirement better understand and prepare for the challenges associated with the ever-changing financial landscape. He has a proven track record of helping clients successfully align assets with objectives to leverage and manage investment portfolios that will weather market fluctuations.

His high degree of knowledge and training has earned him numerous noteworthy awards, including membership in the Circle of Honor Society. Additionally, he has been quoted in articles published by The Boston Globe, CNBC, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar, and countless others.

Trajan's Story

Jeff’s story is not complete without covering Trajan Wealth’s history. Trajan Wealth became established as a full-service money management firm in 2012.  Our first office started in Scottsdale, AZ with three employees and has grown exponentially since then to serve client’s best interests as a fiduciary firm.

Meet the Team

The Trajan Wealth team consists of tenured professionals who will always have your best interest in mind. While other advisors sell, our advisors educate, while other advisors complicate, our advisors simplify. This is why the majority of our clients come from other financial advisors. If you’re ready for a change, we’re ready for you.


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