Custom Portfolio Design

We can customize your investment portfolio with a wider range of options.

Tactical Investments

The Dow Jones was created in 1896, and through its 120+ years of existence, only one thing has remained the same: constant—and often swift—change. Trajan Wealth and our associates believe in diversified portfolios that focus on capital preservation, growth, and low or no-cost investment options.

The customized portfolios we build for clients are primarily comprised of a diversified grouping of Exchange Traded Funds or Common Stocks. By using ETFs and common stocks, this gives us low or no-cost underlying investment options that can be sold immediately. As the market changes, we can react without delay or added costs of loads or penalties.

Our Approach

Trajan Wealth approaches wealth management by looking at a longer time horizon and incorporates the economic cycle into the tactical considerations of your investments. By aligning more stable asset classes to be the cornerstone of your portfolio, we prevent surprises or serious disruption to your long-term planning goals. An additional portion of assets, based on your customized risk management plan, are used to broaden diversification to enhance your return opportunities.

As a fiduciary, our firm takes security selection very seriously. Our core philosophies include low expenses, manager tenure, and tax efficiency. These are just a few key qualities that differentiate a Trajan Wealth portfolio from its competitors. 

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Unlike many financial firms, Trajan Wealth does not use investments that charge 12b-1 fees. These are commonly associated with mutual funds and are additional fees the fund company charges its current investors to pay for marketing or advertising to acquire new clients. Obviously, this will hurt long-term performance and can lead to a significant cost for the investor.

We pride ourselves in the strong relationships we’ve built with reputable brokerage firms that allow us to access investments not typically offered or “open” to the individual investor. Due to the fact we are not obligated to any one particular investment company, we are able to offer our clients the benefit of unlimited choices.

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Our Client Experience

Tailored Wealth Management

Tailored Plans

One Size Does
Not Fit All

We review your risk tolerance level, along with learning about your goals and the timeline for your objectives. By working together, we will develop a wealth management plan that reflects your values.

Clear Fees for Wealth Management

Transparent Fees

You Grow, We Grow. Simple.

We charge a flat percentage fee for wealth management. Your goals are our goals. Since our interests are aligned, we manage your portfolio without pressure to meet sales objectives or quotas.

Financial Advisors for Wealth Management

Personal Touch

Dedicated Financial Team

You’ll hear from Trajan Wealth regularly, and you can always contact us with any questions. Our goal is to establish a relationship that leaves you feeling comfortable and confident in your decisions.

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