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Annuities - Pros and Cons

5 of the Most-Asked Annuity Questions

As we’ve discussed before, annuities can be fantastic resources for retirement. Many individuals and couples opt to use them in place of other retirement saving accounts in order to better budget their retirement funds. This can be an extremely effective way to finance during the later stages of life. Annuities …

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Medicare Open Enrollment: What You Need to Know

Medicare Open Enrollment beings on October 15th, 2021. There are new changes to Medicare for 2022 that may impact your coverage and services in addition to regular Medicare coverage for Americans who are ages 65 and older, and younger people with disabilities. First, let’s review Medicare and what’s new for …

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Retirement Income Planning

Why Work With A Financial Professional?

An experienced financial professional can help guide you through the financial planning process by providing advice in several areas of your financial life. Financial planning involves multiple areas of finance, such as budgeting, debt management, savings, retirement planning, insurance, and estate planning. In addition, financial planning may include holistic planning, …

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America’s National Retirement Security: Study Indicates Problems

Each year, the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies conducts an annual retirement survey. It’s intended to explore the attitudes and behaviors of Americans regarding retirement security and benefits. Here are several noteworthy findings from the most recent study in late 2020. Eighty-two percent of workers save for retirement through employer-sponsored …

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A college student standing proudly. If you're overwhelmed by the idea of saving for college, Trajan Wealth can help you out!

How To Start Saving For College

Whether your child is in elementary school or hasn’t even been born yet, it’s never too early to develop a college savings plan. It may seem like a long way off, but the years go by quickly, and it is always good to be financially prepared. Starting on college savings …

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Two people shaking hands. Trust is an important aspect of working with a fiduciary.

What a Fiduciary Does and Doesn’t Do

It is nearly impossible to understand all of the details of the financial industry unless you have trained to do so. For most people, investing their money feels like an intimidating and foreign concept that often causes stress and anxiety. Some people even avoid making smart, profitable investments because they …

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Tax Alert! Are You Paying Too Much or Too Little?

Right now is a great time to evaluate your current tax situation and enact a few changes to improve it before the year ends. The first thing to evaluate is whether the correct amount of taxes is being withheld from your paycheck each month if you’re employed. Second, be mindful …

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Why Invest?

To accumulate wealth, people may choose to invest their money into various types of investments. Investing creates opportunities that otherwise would be difficult to manage due to the consistency of contributing to the investment.  However, investing involves risks including possible loss of principal. Obviously, no investment strategy or risk management …

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Economic Recovery

How Do We Track Economic Recovery?

Since the beginning of 2021, signs of economic recovery have started to appear. Americans are actively spending in specific sectors, and some industries are faring well—while others are lagging. Consumers, ready to re-engage with the world after a year of social distancing and lockdowns, are eager to spend. However, some …

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China Stocks in U.S. Suffer Biggest Two-Day Wipeout Since 2008

China’s crackdowns on its technology and education sectors have had repercussions across global markets. The fallout? The Nasdaq Golden Dragon China Index, which tracks 98 of China’s most prominent firms listed in the U.S., plunged 7% on Monday, June 26th. Added to the previous Friday’s 8.5% drop,  puts the two-day …

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