Private Wealth Management

Trajan Wealth is devoted to providing you with asset management to protect, maintain, and grow your financial portfolio. We believe in diversified portfolios and:

Long-term core capital preservation

Growth in line with your risk tolerance level

Low or no-cost investment options

Our Process

Getting To Know You

Getting To
Know You

Schedule your complimentary introductory meeting with a fiduciary advisor. We will answer any questions you have, reviewing your goals, and give you guidance on your investments.

Portfolio Review

Comprehensive Portfolio REVIEW

In our follow-up meeting, we go through a detailed fact-finding process. This includes learning more about your specific financial situation so we can tailor a solution for just for you.

Portfolio Recommendations

Portfolio Recommendation

Our team will review your current retirement strategy and level of market risk. Then we present you with customized options designed to protect and grow your investments.

With the "Golden Rule" in mind, we go out of our way to solve other people's Problems.

- Jeff Junior, CEO & Founder



Part of our commitment to you is transparent pricing. We charge a flat percentage fee for wealth management. Since our interests are aligned, we manage your portfolio without pressure to meet sales objectives or quotas.

In addition, our fee-only advisors are paid a  percentage of assets under management. They do not earn commissions or trading fees so their compensation is independent of the investments they recommend. All our fees are disclosed before the time of investment.

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When to call the experts

Picking the right financial advisor is one of the best investments you can make for your financial future. Why? If saving time and energy sound good, we’ve got you covered. Peace of mind? You got it. Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a good fiduciary advisor.

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