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Annuities - Pros and Cons

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This comprehensive ebook is a straightforward guide to understanding how annuities work, the various types of annuities, and the questions to ask before purchasing one.



Ever wonder if you’ve done enough to protect your family financially?  CEO and attorney Kent Phelps has seen all types of situations in over 20 years of practice. This guide covers the top seven estate mistakes that are most common and costly. And, most importantly, how you can avoid them!



Webinars & Videos

Our concise videos featuring CEO Jeff Junior.  Please note these are best viewed on a desktop.

This straightforward webinar breaks down how to compare an annuity to other types of investments, how to find a high-quality annuity, and to avoid costly problems associated with them.



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Should I Give The House To The Kids?

"How Much More?"
Retirement planning video series

Inflation & How To Minimize its effects

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529 Plans for Education

529 Plans: For Education and Transferring Wealth

By utilizing 529 plans, families can cultivate a lasting tradition of educational prosperity from one generation to the next. With three savvy strategies for lowering tax burdens when transferring wealth between beneficiaries, parents and grandparents are empowered to set up their loved ones for success. Learn more!

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Moatiful Disney Two Paths

Disney’s Two Paths

We see two paths ahead for Disney: Either the company should compete head-to-head with Netflix using a consolidated streaming platform, or it should divest Hulu and ESPN to focus on the franchise content that makes it special. The company could be successful on either path, but trying to straddle both is not working.

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Your Everyday Finances Blog

From estate planning to budgeting, this blog covers common financial questions. We also feature monthly macro-investing trends with our Chief Investment Officer.

Investment strategies blog

Written by Matt Coffina, CFA, the Moatiful blog gives perspectives on investment strategy, current events, and specific stocks for the long term investor.

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10 Tips to get your finances in order

These tips will get you back on track with your finances.

4 Things you must know About Inflation

Have your retirement income payments increase as inflation increases.

10 things everyone should know about retirement income

Adding Annuities to your portfolio may help.

9 things you must know about Social Security

There are many factors to consider when starting to take your Social Security benefits.

How Sequence of returns risk affects retirement

Does the 4% rule still make sense? Review your withdrawal rate.

7 things you need to know about medicare

Here's how Medicare fits in to your retirement plan.

What You Should Know About Annuities

An overview of often misunderstood products.

Frequently Asked Questions for FIA'S

Learn more about FIAs and how they can be a part of your financial portfolio.

2023 Tax Guidelines

Tax guidelines for 2023 planning.