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Annuities Unmasked Free eBook

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This comprehensive ebook is a straightforward guide to understanding how annuities work, the various types of annuities, and the questions to ask before purchasing one.



Ever wonder if you’ve done enough to protect your family financially?  CEO and attorney Kent Phelps has seen all types of situations in over 20 years of practice. This guide covers the top seven estate mistakes that are most common and costly. And, most importantly, how you can avoid them!




Our concise videos featuring CEO Jeff Junior.  Please note these are best viewed on a desktop.

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"How Much More?"
Retirement planning video series

Inflation & How To Minimize its effects

Should I Give The House To The Kids?

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Our Blog: Tactical Tips

From estate planning to budgeting, our blog covers common financial questions. We also feature monthly macro trends with our Chief Investment Officer.

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Investor worried about election and stocks

Stocks And Elections

Investors are anxious about the election regardless of their political views. We analyzed all Presidential elections since 1952 to see what we could learn. *Spoiler alert: The data says remain calm and carry on.

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Estate Planning

Set The Record with A Revocable Living Trust

It is crucial to ensure that your wishes are recorded in the correct manner. By examining the estate planning challenges faced by celebrities, we can gain powerful insights into the significance of proactive preparation and the indisputable advantages of using trusts to prevent family disputes.

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10 Tips to get your finances in order

These tips will get you back on track with your finances.

How Sequence of returns risk affects retirement

Does the 4% rule still make sense? Review your withdrawal rate.