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Market Q&A:

Should I file for Social Security right now?

Questions: Should I file for Social Security right now? Given the market volatility? What will happen to the Social Security system?

Answer? It depends on your age and financial situation. Know that the trust is not going to run out of money overnight. But no matter your age, boomers and non-boomers alike need to stick to the personal financial principles that have proven timeless..

Market Q&A:

What's next?

Question: What’s next? Especially with COVID19 slowing things down?

Answer? Not even an expert like Jeff can answer with certainty. While he believes we are on the road to recovery, the return to what was a strong economy may be a slow and painful process. To confront that volatility with confidence, you need a strategy.



Jeff discusses Trajan’s commitment to fiduciary standards that give clients an advantage.

About Trajan Wealth

How is Trajan Wealth different?  And what exactly is a fiduciary?  We’re glad you asked.

Moving America Forward

Jeff is a guest on William Shatner’s Moving America Forward, discussing helping Americans retire with peace of mind.

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