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Jeff Junior, CEO and Founder, speaks with KTAR radio personality Mike Broomhead about the recent market volatility in this on-air interview.

Meet Trajan Wealth

Jeff discusses Trajan’s commitment to fiduciary standards that give clients an advantage.

About Trajan Wealth

How is Trajan Wealth different?  And what exactly is a fiduciary?  We’re glad you asked.

How Do You Get Paid?

Jeff sits down with Bruce St. James to discuss how financial advisors at Trajan Wealth actually get paid when managing portfolios.

Load Vs. No Load Investments

What’s the difference between ‘Load or No Load’ investments? Jeff and Bruce St. James discuss both.

About Annuities

Jeff talks with Dave Burns of Arizona Sports on what to know about annuities.

Mutual Funds Aren't the Best

Jeff sits down with Dave Burns of Arizona Sports for a quick Q&A on why mutual funds aren’t for everyone.

What to Know about Annuities

Jeff chats with Dave Burns of Arizona Sports talk about investing in insurance annuities and why they might not be the best choice for everyone, but they might be right for you.

Moving America Forward

Jeff is a guest on William Shatner’s Moving America Forward, discussing how the unique investment strategies are helping Americans retire with peace of mind.

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