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Should I Give The House To The Kids?

If you’re planning to leave your house to your adult children, you might think, why not transfer now? But before you hand them the keys, remember to weigh the pros and cons – like probate, taxes, and more.

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Some people refer to inflation as the worst tax. Why? You may never notice inflation, but your investments won’t last if it’s eroding their value. It’s possible to negate the effect of inflation through smart investing strategies. 

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5 Reasons Why CD's Suck

From atrocious interest rates to inflation and taxes, Jeff covers why banks aren’t your friend and why a CD is not in your best interest. There are other options out there!

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How Much More Do I Need To Retire?

If you’re wondering how much you need to save for retirement, you’re not alone. We’re covering to determine how much more you need to save. 

Should I Get An Annuity?

Annuities are often seen as an easy way to plan for retirement income, but there are some downsides. We cover the pros and cons of annuities with minimal jargon.



Jeff discusses Trajan’s commitment to fiduciary standards that give clients an advantage.

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