Why Trajan?

We know you have many choices for financial advisors and estate planners,
but please give us a moment to mention why we’re different.
Save time and effort


Retirement planning and estate planning go hand in hand. We are proud to offer both services under one roof, with advisors and attorneys that work together.

As one of the first hybrid firms in the nation, Trajan’s business structures offer unique benefits. Your estate plan is not prepared in a vacuum, and all the facets of your estate plan are considered, including wealth and tax planning. Fiduciary advisors can also protect and grow your investments, creating an end-to-end strategy for assets.


Starting on a foundation of mutual respect and understanding, we will dedicate the time needed to listen to your goals and educate you on the options. And as an independent firm, we’re not bound to just one line of products or portfolios. We have the ability to customize a portfolio to meet your own unique goals and needs. 


We are fiduciaries, and it’s a legal obligation of the highest degree for us to act in your best interest at all times. Plus, our advisors are not dually registered as brokers.



We employ individuals with hearts of teachers who share high values. We won’t talk down to you or use fancy financial or legal jargon without explanation.



We have a straightforward, flat percentage fee for money management. We will also disclose any conflicts of interest.

More Than Investing

We build relationships. You’ll hear from Trajan regularly, and you can always contact us with any questions. If there is an issue, we’ll work to make it right. 

You'll have support from not only your advisor, but these additional teams as well:

Opens your accounts, initiates transfers in, and provides you ongoing customer service.

Fiduciary advisors who act as your liaison, providing you regular contact & reviews.

Manages your investments
& strategies for you, while
monitoring changes in the

We help with as many phone calls, emails, meetings, and reviews as it takes with no surprise fees.

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