Why Trajan wealth?

“We share a mutual interest in seeing our clients succeed. The more their portfolios grow, the more our revenue grows.”
Jeff Junior, CEO & Founder

Why Work With Trajan?

Starting on a foundation of mutual respect and understanding, we will dedicate the time needed to listen to your goals and educate you on the options. As an independent firm, we’re not bound to just one line of products or portfolios. We have the ability to customize a portfolio to meet your own unique goals and needs. 


We are fiduciaries, and it’s an obligation of the highest degree for us to act in your best interest at all times. Plus, our advisors are not dually registered as brokers.


We employ individuals with hearts of teachers who share high values. We won’t talk down to you or use fancy financial or legal jargon without explanation.


We have a straightforward, flat percentage fee for money management. We will also disclose any conflicts of interest.

All Under One Roof

Retirement, tax and estate planning go hand in hand. We are proud to offer these services together, in one place, to save you time.


*Investment in private equity may require accreditation.
“The difference between brokers and fiduciaries is that brokers sell a product and earn a commission, which means they are limited in what they can offer clients,” Junior explains. “Brokers are only held to a ‘suitability’ standard, whereas fiduciaries are required to recommend the best possible solution for their client’s situation.”
Jeff Junior, CEO & Founder
Wealth Management
Trajan Wealth is devoted to providing you with asset management to protect, maintain, and grow your financial portfolio. We believe in diversified portfolios that focus on:
  • Long-term core capital preservation
  • Growth in line with your risk tolerance level
  • Low or no-cost investment options

Part of our commitment to you is transparent pricing. We charge a flat percentage fee for wealth management. Since our interests are aligned, we manage your portfolio without pressure to meet sales objectives or quotas.

Income Planning & Annuities

Ready to retire? We can help you create a retirement portfolio based on your specific goals. Our focus is the ideal balance of risk & safety to provide you with enough growth to produce ample income despite inflation, longevity, and account for expenses like taxes and healthcare. In addition, we will make sure your portfolio provides you with enough safety to counterbalance market risks and protect your income and legacy. We also offer annuities that can provide lifetime income, no matter how long you live.

Our financial advisors work under one roof with estate attorneys. Your estate plan is not prepared in a vacuum, and all the facets of your estate plan are considered, including wealth and tax planning. Fiduciary advisors can also protect and grow your investments, creating an end-to-end strategy for assets. It saves you time and effort by having the estate plan and the investments all in one place.

Our estate services are different:

  • We help with as many phone calls, emails, meetings, and reviews as it takes with no surprise fees.
  • Our living trusts include many options others don’t, including trust funding, bank coordination, sub-trusts, and much more.

“Set it and forget it” can be a big financial mistake. Taxes are no different, especially once you’re retired. When tax season rolls around, many taxpayers realize too late that they could have taken a variety of steps to save money on their taxes. Don’t put off thinking about tax planning. Evaluating your options and outlining tax planning strategies with a financial advisor in advance is important.  More time can mean more opportunities.

Our Team Approach

Client Development
Your initial point of contact who schedules appointments for YOU.
Conducts series of appointments and facilitates YOU becoming a Trajan client.
Manages your investments & strategies for YOU, while monitoring changes in the market.
Client Services
Opens your accounts, initiates transfers in, and provides YOU ongoing customer service.
Portfolio Management Group
Fiduciary advisors who act as your quarterback, providing YOU regular contact & reviews.
Attorneys who are exclusively focused on the estate planning needs of YOU and your family.

The Journey You Can Expect

Step 1


Through a series of meetings, a fiduciary advisor will get to know you and your future financial goals. They learn more about your specific financial situation so they can tailor a solution just for you.

Step 2


We present you with a customized portfolio and recommended options designed to protect you financially. Moving forward on the plan typically includes working with Client Services to transfer assets to Trajan’s custodian.

Step 3

Ongoing Portfolio Management

After the transfer, a Portfolio Management Group member will provide updates and help with adjustments. We’ll keep you informed and are always here to answer any questions. If there are issues, we’ll work to make things right.

When it comes to managing your finances, it is vital to have an advisor who is trustworthy, and who will guide you towards long-term success instead of just selling you a product. At Trajan Wealth, we are committed to helping investors and their families achieve financial security. We provide competitive performance, exceptional service, and low costs so that you can focus on what truly matters – your future. Trajan Wealth clients enjoy:

Not sure where to start? Contact us so we can help you start your financial journey the right way!

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*Investment in private equity may require accreditation.*