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Chase Ravsten

Advanced Planning Advisor

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakin

Chase Ravsten is a passionate individual, who is fueled by helping his clients, his family and the community around him. His twelve years in the financial services industry lead him to Trajan Wealth. He brings his passion for recommending the best solutions and opportunities to his clients. Chase works with clients to create strategies to better protect their legacy; while taking the time to show clients the risks, vulnerabilities, and benefits of various estate planning scenarios. He and his wife have three beautiful girls. He spends as much time as possible with his family. You can also find him staying active playing sports or whatever keeps him moving. He also is constant in serving in his community and trying to give back as much as possible. He loves to have fun wherever he goes and meet new people.
Chris Nowack

Chris Nowack

Fiduciary Advisor

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”
-Vince Lombardi

A third-generation Arizona native, Chris Nowack has been in the financial services industry for the last decade and has helped over 1,000 clients with retirement and estate planning. He guides individuals and families forming trusts to protect their assets to provide a stable legacy for the next generations.

Before joining Trajan Wealth, Chris grew his private financial practice for his long-term clients, mitigating tax implications with efficient tax lot harvesting and charitable contributions, while prioritizing clients’ goals for retirement and their estate. Chris comes from a 30 year background developing income real estate portfolios for income distribution, 1031 and final sale in an tax efficient manner for clients and the beneficiaries. Chris takes pride in helping clients make well informed decisions, while being able to talk about investing in a pratical and straight-forward way.

Corbet LaDuke

Corbett LaDuke CFP®, CWS®

Fiduciary Advisor

“My goal is to provide each client with a clear path to achieving their financial dreams.”

Corbett LaDuke is a seasoned fiduciary advisor who has spent over 25 years in the financial services industry. Before joining Trajan Wealth, he spent over 22 years at Charles Schwab & Company, managing over 400 clients. In addition to vast client management experience, he brings with him the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Certified Wealth Strategist (CWS) designations. He has a very robust knowledge of wealth management, estate planning, and tax management. Corbett works with numerous clients that part of the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS). He has an in-depth knowledge of the various retirement plans along with the DROP program for municipal employees and self-employed clients.

Corbett was born in Colorado and attended high school and college in Hawaii. Since the age of 12, Corbett has had a passion for the financial markets. His father was a CPA, who assisted him with his very first investment in the stock market. This ignited a spark that would fuel his passion for the financial services industry.

He graduated from the University of Hawaii with his BS in International Business. Corbett feels honored to educate his clients on all the different aspects of building a solid wealth management plan. He has taught Financial Peace University at his church and is thrilled to be a part of the SmartVestor program with Dave Ramsey.

Corbett has been married to his beautiful wife Jennifer for 16 years. They have 2 children, Wesley, a 14-year-old son, and Sydney, a seven-year-old daughter. Corbett feels privileged to assist individuals in achieving their financial dreams.

Dan Moerck

Dan Moerck, CRPC®

Fiduciary Advisor

“Being a partner helps the client understand their plan better and a more active participant in reviews and future discussions.”

After a sixteen year career in the electrical distribution business, Dan chose to move to the financial services industry back in 1997. He had been a student of the financial services industry and an active investor for many years. So Dan felt he would be happier earning a living doing what he loved doing as a hobby instead of continuing on the path he had been on since leaving school. It was a leap of faith starting again at the bottom at half the pay, but 23 years later, the decision proved to be the right one for Dan and the many clients he has helped over the decades.

Dan entered the financial services industry training at Dean Witter Reynolds, now known as Morgan Stanley after the two firms merged. It was a great place to learn about the products and strategies of the business, but the aggressive, New York style of doing business was not the way Dan envisioned remaining in for the rest of his career. So in August 1998, Dan moved to a locally owned not-for-profit credit union. There Dan prospered for more than a decade and learned that you can make a good, honest living while actually putting the client first instead of working in an environment of a commission driven brokerage house. Dan now brings that client first attitude to Trajan Wealth where their fiduciary advisor standard fits Dan’s personality perfectly.

Josh Manwaring

Josh B. Manwaring

Fiduciary Advisor

“We don’t know what we don’t know. Take the time to get educated. This will empower you to be confident with your money. I love being a part of that process.”

Josh Manwaring loves helping people achieve their retirement goals by helping them create a crystal clear path to a secure independent retirement.

Through the years, he has educated thousands of investors who are retired or preparing to retire how to use trustworthy financial strategies to confidently navigate around common mistakes. As life changes, so should the investment strategies clients employ.

Unlike a large Wall Street wirehouse, Josh is proud to be an independent advisor with Trajan Wealth. With Trajan Wealth, he is not limited to a handful of pre-packaged financial products that are touted as “one size fits all.”

He starts by understanding his client’s goals and dreams, then helps them build a step-by-step plan, with plenty of flexibility to account for life’s unexpected twists.

Josh earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Idaho State University and his general business degree from Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho). Over his 20-year career, he has worked for some of the country’s largest banks and financial institutions, including Chase Bank and Penn Mutual. He is a fiduciary advisor for his clients.

Josh loves living in Gilbert with his wife, Joni, and their four children, Jaden, Morgan, Sahara, and Crew. He coaches youth football and soccer and is a leader in a local Boy Scouts of America troop. He also enjoys golf, tennis, camping, traveling, and hiking.

Laurie Turley

Laurie A. Turley

Fiduciary Advisor

“My client’s lives matter, and I help them navigate their way towards the best life possible.”

Born and raised in Sarasota, FL, Laurie Turley officially entered the business world after graduating from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Finance in 2000. Previously, she obtained her state insurance licensure during her senior year and started as a college agent for a life company headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. Simultaneously, she completed an internship in commercial lending with a bank in Florida. She added several state and regulatory licenses to her repertoire over the next couple of years, including her Series 7 and 66, to broaden her capabilities.

Laurie spent six years dually employed by the investment division and retail side of two banks. She joined Trajan Wealth in the summer of 2009 and has since added Property & Casualty licensure in addition to having become actively involved with Trajan Wealth as an  Fiduciary Advisor.

Altogether, Laurie has nearly 15 years of experience in the insurance, retirement planning, and banking industries.

While she takes great pride in giving the best service and advice possible to her clients, her true joys in life are her husband and their three adorable boys.

Ms Marti Bryant

Ms. Marti Bryant, CDFA®

Fiduciary Advisor

“Knowing that I have worked with my clients to build a financial plan with purpose and intent in order to achieve their retirement dreams is a true honor.”

Securities-licensed in all 50 states with over 12 years serving as a fiduciary advisor, Marti Bryant specializes in working with people who are close to retirement or already retired. Her primary focus is on creating income plans that maximize their benefits in the most tax-efficient manner. In fact, Marti has been a tax advisor for more than 20 years, and she always considers taxation when advising clients. Marti is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), working with attorneys to create fair and equitable settlements during divorce.

Understanding her client’s temperament for risk, Marti helps design customized and trackable plans. Working at Trajan Wealth suits her because “being an independent advisor allows me to offer unbiased advice without an agenda or judgment.” She takes a lot of time to learn about her clients. “I learn their hopes and dreams, what they want their life to include, and if they want to leave a legacy when they pass. What is important to them allows me to build a financial plan that is much more meaningful.”

Her approachable personality comes along with high-powered credentials. Over the years, Marti has had many speaking engagements and co-hosted a financial talk radio show on 105.1FM, “The Big Talker”. She’s been published in the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch and featured in Forbes magazine. She interviewed on TV shows “The Consumer’s Advocate” and “Moving America Forward”, both televised nationally.

Mike Wilson

Mike Wilson, AIF®

Fiduciary Advisor

“I became an adviser to help people live comfortably in retirement, and through education and results, achieve my goal daily.”

Mike Wilson specializes in providing an education on how your finances work and devising an individual plan for every client. Mike’s father was in the Air Force and he moved around as a child. He considers home Yorktown, Virginia and has lived in Okinawa, Japan. The moving honed his people skills and he enjoys building long lasting business/friendships.

Mike has an accounting degree from Towson University and began working for PricewaterhouseCoopers as an intern. He has been in financial services for more than a decade. He obtained his AIF designation so he would have a deeper understanding how to mitigate risk for his clients. Mike strives to assist every client in obtaining a well deserved retirement and utilizes a variety of investments to achieve his objective. There are a lot of advisors that can be good when you are in the “accumulation” phase of your life, it is important to find the advisor that is skilled in the “preservation and distribution” phase for your money.

Mike has a beautiful wife Holli and two active children. Chase is 10 and plays soccer and jiu-jitsu, and Brooklyn is 5 and has just started soccer. When Mike is not assisting clients, he can be found at his children’s events, camping, hiking, fishing or on the golf course. 

Nate Haberman

Nate Haberman, CFP®

Fiduciary Advisor

“Our finances can either help us make our hopes and dreams come true or they can keep us from reaching them. ”

Nate is committed to helping clients understand the intricacies that go into financial planning. His favorite part of the job is seeing his clients have more knowledge, a better understanding of their finances, and being more confident in their financial situation than they were before. He loves seeing his clients be able to enjoy their retirement the way they have always dreamed. Nate enjoys getting to know people from all walks of life and being able to help them get to where they want to be.

Nate did not always want to be in finance, but he did know he wanted to help others and be of service in some way. After working as a teller and then a deposit counselor at a bank, he saw firsthand how a person’s financial situation affects all aspects of their lives. Nate saw how educating people about their financial options could be a great way to serve and benefit others. He became a financial advisor and then dedicated himself to becoming a Certified Financial Planner® so that he was better equipped to give clients the guidance they needed.

Nate graduated from Harding University where he met and married his wife Kasey. They have two beautiful children, Aubrey and Parker. They love going on family adventures and enjoy cheering on both the St. Louis Cardinals and the Oklahoma City Thunder.


Paul Kripal, CRPC®, RFC®

Fiduciary Advisor

“Most decisions you make only affect you for a day or maybe a week. Your financial decisions can impact the rest of your life.”

Paul Kripal grew up in a quiet town with a population of 700 in western Nebraska. He learned the value of hard work at an early age by helping out around his family’s automotive business. He then attained his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver. Paul has over 12 years of experience in the financial services industry and currently holds both a Series 66 license and a Life & Health Insurance license. To best serve his clients, Paul has always been dedicated to furthering his education and knowledge base. He is proud to have earned the CRPC® (Charted Retirement Planning Counselor) and RFC® (Registered Financial Consultant) designations.

Paul joined Trajan Wealth specifically because of our adherence to the fiduciary standard. The fiduciary standard of care requires that a fiduciary advisor must act solely in the client’s best interest when offering financial guidance. That value aligns with his focus of providing comprehensive, well-designed retirement plans predicated upon taking the necessary time to truly understand each client’s specific needs and goals. Paul really enjoys what he does and he is devoted to building lifelong relationships with his clients. His focus is to be a valuable resource for them whenever the need arises.

Paul moved to the Phoenix area 15 years ago and lives in Scottsdale with his family. He has two amazing daughters Raegan (14) and Olivia (12) who both started new schools this year. He is active in his community and enjoys hiking, scuba diving and simply hanging out with his family.

Rand Harper

Rand Harper

Fiduciary Advisor

“As a fiduciary, I love that I’m able to help my clients make important financial decisions with truly unbiased information.”

A native of Arizona, Rand Harper has spent the last 10 years in the financial services industry. As a fiduciary, he has helped hundreds of clients safely navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of today’s financial markets. Prior to joining Trajan Wealth, Rand worked diligently in private practice for his clients, preparing and analyzing hundreds of tax returns for them in an effort to minimize their tax obligations and distribute their assets as efficiently as possible. Rand is a methodical planner, recognizing and valuing the hard work and sacrifice his clients have made to save for retirement. Realizing the importance of the decisions clients make in retirement, he prides himself in being able to talk with his clients about taxes and investing in a down to earth manner, truly helping them make informed and educated decisions.

Rand holds a FINRA Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor Representative license as well as a Life, Health & Accident Insurance license.

Rand lives in Mesa with his wife, Rhiannan, and their four beautiful children, Kali, Nash, Navy, and Remi. He loves spending time with them, whether fishing in Alaska, camping in northern Arizona, boating at the lake, or relaxing on the beach.

Ruben Angulo

Ruben Angulo

Fiduciary Advisor

“My greatest satisfaction is to help my clients achieve financial peace of mind”

Ruben Angulo is an  Fiduciary Advisor at Trajan Wealth. He has spent nearly a decade helping clients with their financial and investment needs. Ruben is also a Life, Health, and Accident licensed insurance agent. Before joining Trajan Wealth, Ruben spent five years training and coaching other advisors around the country on best practices, financial planning, and effective solution design. This allowed Ruben to develop a unique set of skills, and experience based on the sheer number of different client situations he had exposure to. 

Ruben has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and holds a Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor license. He is a true believer in the fiduciary standard and enjoys listening first. It is important to him to understand his client’s goals and concerns, so he can give honest guidance, education, and empower his clients to achieve financial peace of mind. 

Ruben grew up in the border town of Nogales and has been living in Tucson for the last 14 years. He is fluent in both English and Spanish and enjoys spending time with family. He likes to play the guitar and has an affinity for anything related to science, engineering, and technology. He has been married to his beautiful wife Ana for 4 years. They have a son, Luis, who is 8 years old, and a little Yorkie puppy named Bart.  Ruben enjoys helping his clients accomplish their goals and live the life they deserve. 

Steve Harper

Steve Harper, CFP®, CASL®, ChFC®, RICP®

Fiduciary Advisor

“I love helping people make wise and well-informed decisions that will benefit them and their families for years to come.”

Steve Harper loves helping his clients lower their stress by making the complex simple and easy to understand. He’s found his clients are able to take the worry off their plate and sleep well at night. Working together he has enjoyed helping his clients make the decisions that benefit them and their families. His clients truly are an extension of his family.

Early in his career Steve felt a responsibility to give his clients real advice rather than just selling. He passed the two day – ten hour board review exam to earn his Certified Financial Planner® designation at the start. He’s gone on to earn several more designations in order to continue to give his clients the best advice possible. Steve earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Finance from Utah Valley University.

Steve has worked with big firms such as Fidelity Investments, New York Life and Citibank. He’s found that in order to give truly objective and unbiased advice he needed to be an Independent Fiduciary Advisor. True Independence is the reason he enjoys working with Trajan Wealth.

His wife Amy and their three children are the center and focus of his life. They spend a lot of time together playing youth sports. Lacey is the oldest and plays in a club volleyball league. Jace and Tyler both like playing basketball and flag football. Amy teaches all three piano lessons. They all enjoy playing together and teasing each other as much as possible.

Steve Woodhead, fiduciary advisor

Steve R. Woodhead

Fiduciary Advisor

“I love to help clients feel at peace with their finances by helping them make educated, informed and sound financial decisions.”

Steven R. Woodhead was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley of Utah. His father started a small grocery chain called, The Store. It was working at The Store side by side with his dad that Steve learned from a young age how to work long hours, and how to treat people with respect and integrity. These are the kind of values that he will bring to you as your fiduciary advisor.

Steve graduated from Brigham Young University in 1987 with an engineering degree, after which he worked 10 years in the medical device field. In 1996, he obtained his Life and Health Insurance License and worked as a “captive” agent for a large health company. He quickly realized that being captive did not allow him to work in the best interest of his clients, so he resigned and became an independent agent. “After many years of experience and hard knocks he feels blessed to have found Trajan Wealth, where he can truly act as a fiduciary and represent his clients without any strings attached.”

Steve is married to Jane Anne, they have four children who are all married and nine grandchildren. When Steve is not working he enjoys staying active playing golf, competitive racquetball, tennis, pickleball, skiing, and hiking.

Tim Lambros

Tim Lambros, CFEd®

Fiduciary Advisor

“My desire is to build a long term, trusting relationship with each client while simultaneously helping you accomplish your financial goals.”

Tim Lambros comes to Trajan Wealth with passion and experience in helping families achieve their retirement goals. His work with Tucson families and their financial concerns for spans over 35 years.

Tim’s convictions about financial planning were born when his father died. At the young age of 24, his mother asked him to clean out his Dad’s office. Tim eventually found out that his Dad’s poor planning necessitated his mother to financial start over in her mid-50’s. This personal event has had a lifelong impact. Tim quickly built a conviction and passion to dedicate his life to helping families plan financially and prepare for retirement. From 1983 to 2000 Tim built an Allstate insurance agency from scratch helping clients preserve their assets and save for retirement.

After successfully selling his firm, he started a local Church in northwest Tucson (where he still attends) and for 12 years helped families in Dave Ramsey principles of money management and giving. Since then he has been working as a fiduciary for people near or in retirement.

Tim has been married to his amazing wife Kathy for 38 years, has four adult children and 11 grandkids. He loves Arizona basketball, fly fishing and is a fantasy baseball geek.

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