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Trajan Wealth is an independent financial services company dedicated to helping investors make sense of their current and future financial lives. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have the experience, knowledge and dedication needed to help clients in all stages of planning navigate the ever-changing economic landscape.

The name Trajan was given to a Roman Emperor who reigned from 98 to 117 AD. Marcus Augustus, also known as Trajan, was credited for the largest growth in the Roman Empire. Trajan was given the nickname “Optimus,” which means best, and he is considered the best of all Roman Caesars.

Trajan the Emperor introduced programs that helped cities whose finances were strained and helped reduce taxation. Like the emperor, Trajan Wealth’s values include low-cost, low-fee savings programs that can help minimize your tax burden. As an independent practice, we have a fiduciary duty to put your best interests first.

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Our Approach to Financial Success Covers All Aspects of Your Portfolio.

Money Management

Trajan Wealth and its associates believe in ultra-diversified portfolios that focus on capital preservation, growth and low-cost investment options.

As a fiduciary, our firm takes security selection very seriously. Our core philosophies include low expenses, manager tenure and tax efficiency. These are just a few key qualities that differentiate a Trajan Wealth portfolio from its competitors. Your goals are our goals, and we manage your portfolio without pressure to meet sales objectives or quotas. Learn More


Clients are often seeking guidance on an array of financial objectives, including experiencing protection against investment losses, how to guarantee sufficient income to meet rising health care costs, and ways to earn higher potential returns with guaranteed income while addressing tax and estate planning concerns. Our representatives at Trajan Wealth can help provide personalized annuity solutions to fit your needs.  Learn More

401 (K) Planning

Selecting the right retirement plan is important to both companies and employees, which is why we encourage you to consult with one of our professionals; we will be sure to work with you to find a plan that is best suited for your company and its needs. Let us help you make sense of your allocations and your plan’s fund options for maximum growth … Learn More

Income Planning

Income Planning is an essential part of retirement, but is often times set aside due to other life priorities. Most people consider contributing to their 401(k) plan all the “income planning” they need. Planning for your income in retirement requires much more attention than it receives and should be addressed early in your career. Typically, retirees are told they should plan to retire with at least 60-70% of their pre-retirement income; however most retirees know they really need about 100% of their pre-retirement income to stay comfortable. Let us help advise you on how to achieve higher potential returns for a more secure retirement … Learn More


Life insurance can help with legacy and income planning, and offers many tax advantages. If you’re looking for a great supplement to any retirement or savings vehicle, life insurance is a great option with many tax advantages. It is important, however, to understand how those tax advantages work to your best interest. Here at Trajan Wealth, we are committed to helping you reap the full rewards and benefits of your life insurance policies as well as taking the necessary precautions to protect your hard earned assets.  Learn More

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