3 Things being a Marine taught me about being a financial advisor

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Hello, this is Jeff Junior, President, and CEO of Trajan Wealth. I’ve spent nearly two decades in financial services helping people manage their wealth, prepare for retirement, and manage the ever-changing financial landscape. But before I was serving my clients in the financial sector, I was serving my country as a Marine. Memorial Day is an important day for reflection as I honor my fellow servicemen and women who have served before, with and after me. This day is an opportunity for us to be grateful, and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us, our families and our country.

I learned a lot while in the Marines and have found three lessons in particular that now transfer to my role as a financial advisor.

1) Discipline – This is an important part of both developing a strategy and holding the course once you invest.

Marines train minds and bodies to endure the trials of service to our country. This quality was instilled in me and is part of the reason why Trajan Wealth has been so successful for our clients. Our advisers work with our clients to develop a strategy that has the strength to weather the storms of up-and-down markets. This long-term thinking has served me well and will continue to serve our clients as we manage their wealth with discipline and endurance.

2) Leadership – The principles of camaraderie teach “leading by example” and the value of what it means to be “of service.” As a business owner and an adviser, we work to be “of service” to our clients and our community.

I have also found this to be an important lesson as Trajan Wealth grows. As our business expands from Scottsdale and now into Tucson, I try to lead by empowering all levels of my team to be experts in their field. It is my hope that we create a company with the highest integrity and passion for helping our clients build a successful financial future.

3) Allegiance – When I joined the Marines, I pledged my allegiance to my country and to my fellow troops. And while I still hold deep respect for our country and fellow servicemen, my commitment to my family at home, our clients, and the Trajan Wealth team is what fuels my passion.

There is no greater honor for me than to share this sense of loyalty with our trusted advisers, family, friends and clients.

Everyone who has served in our military has an important message to share on the values they learn from their service, and I am fortunate to be here today to share mine with you. From my military family and the Trajan Wealth team, we wish all of you a day of reflection and gratitude.

To all of those who have served and continue to serve, we salute you with our utmost respect.


Jeff Junior

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