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Atlanta Financial Advisor vs. Fiduciary: What’s the Difference?

Handing over your financial information and interests to a team of advisors is a big decision. You want to know that your best interests are for and your team is appropriately and strategically managing your hard-earned money. 

If you’ve started looking at wealth management firms in Atlanta, you’ve probably run into the terms financial and fiduciary advisor. But what’s the difference between the two? And how do you know if an Atlanta fee-only financial planner is right for you? 

Let’s break down these two terms to find the right financial choice. 

Atlanta Fiduciary Advisor vs. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors is an umbrella term for professionals who provide financial advice to clients. They may help you diversify your portfolio, begin private equity investing, and manage investment tax planning. When life changes, say when you get married, buy a house, move to a new place, or have a child, your financial management strategies also adjust. 

However, not all financial advisors are the same or offer the same services. That’s where fiduciaries come in. 

Simply put, a financial advisor works for their company; a fiduciary advisor works for their clients. 

Did you know: the term “fiduciary” is from the Latin word fidere, which means “to trust.”  

Choosing an Atlanta Fee-Only Financial Planner 

Going with a fee-only financial planner means you can avoid surprise charges. Fee-only advisors are compensated for their financial advice, not for specific referrals or recommendations. That means you’re not paying for more than you should. 

At Trajan Wealth, we’re proud to hire Atlanta fee-only financial planners so our clients reap the benefits! From custom design portfolios to 401(k) rollovers and so much more, your financial interests are always our top priority. 

How to Choose a Fiduciary 

Before choosing an Atlanta fiduciary advisor, take the time to make sure they’re a good fit for you and your needs! 

  • Understand their services. Do their financial offerings match what you want and need from an Atlanta fiduciary advisor?
  • Read through their testimonials. Do their previous clients have positive responses, or do they seem dissatisfied?
  • Look through their history. How long have these fiduciary advisors been practicing, and do they have trustworthy credentials? 
  • Schedule an initial consultation. This meeting is where you can get a read on their approach. Do they listen to your needs? Do their financial recommendations sound reasonable and aligned with your risk tolerance levels? 

Meet the Trajan Wealth: Atlanta Team 

Our client-centric approach has been our guiding star since we started offering services in 2012. If you’re inspired to take control of your finances, an Atlanta fee-only financial planner can help you meet this moment with confidence and expertise. 

Schedule a time to discuss your goals in the matter most convenient for you. We’re happy to schedule a consultation online or at our Trajan Wealth Atlanta office.

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