Image of a Dallas, Texas home. Learn about retiring in Texas.

Planning for a Texas Retirement

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If you’re planning to retire here in Texas, we’re excited for you to embark on this next step! There is so much to enjoy here in The Lone Star State. From the warmer weather to a stunning skyline, a Dallas, Texas, retirement is a beautiful way to spend your golden years.

Perhaps you’ve spent your life here or plan to relocate from out of state. Either way, our Texas financial advisors at Trajan Wealth can make sure you’re set up for success in a way that works for you.

The Pros and Cons of Retiring in Dallas, Texas 

There’s a lot to love about retiring in Dallas, Texas. Here are a few of our favorites: 

  • The gentle weather, especially during the winter months. 
  • The cost of living is 6% lower than the average here in the U.S.
  • No state income tax, which is excellent news for your Social Security!  
  • Public and private pensions aren’t taxed either. 
  • Tons of activities and restaurants to explore and enjoy. 
  • Affordable housing, including plenty of top-rated retirement communities. 
  • Accessible public transportation which is lovingly referred to as The DART.

But there are a few considerations to make:

  • The weather, including hot summers.
  • Property and sales taxes are notably higher.
  • An increasing number of people are choosing to retire in Texas.

If you have a soft spot for this Texas town, why not spend your time relaxing here? 

Texas Retirement Taxes

Each state is a bit different when it comes to its tax systems. Texas is no exception. To get the most out of your retirement planning, work with a team that knows Texas taxes down to the very last letter. 

Maybe you’re not sure how much money you’ll need to retire, which keeps you up at night. Or you have questions about annuities, which seem overwhelming at first glance. Perhaps you’re looking to leave a substantial legacy behind for your children, but you’re not entirely sure how to set it up. 

That’s where our trusted Texas financial advisors come in. We listen to your needs and create plans built around your circumstances and preferences. Our goal is to set you up with multiple options so that you’re prepared for any curve balls life happens to throw your way. 

Learn more about our retirement planning services and how they can benefit you and your family. 

Visit our Texas Financial Advisors

The good news is Texas – and especially Dallas – is a great place for retirees. 

Whether you grew up here or you’re heading this way soon, we can help you achieve the future you want and the right finances to get you there. From in-depth resources to friendly fiduciaries, you’ll be glad you chose Trajan Wealth as you prepare for this exciting, transitional time. 

Visit one of our three Dallas/Fort Worth locations in Arlington, Frisco, or Southlake. Retiring in Dallas should be a breeze, and we aim to make it that way! 
Contact our team today to schedule your free initial consultation. We truly look forward to working alongside you.

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