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Retiring in Fort Worth

With retirement on the horizon, you may have your sights set on a new city. For many, that means heading south to enjoy a Fort Worth retirement. This Texas town can be the perfect place to unwind and live your cowboy dreams. But before you set your heart on living here, read through these advantages and considerations. 

Is Fort Worth a Good Place to Retire? 

Yes! Fort Worth can be a great place to spend life post-retirement. Here are some of the facets that make this Texas city so alluring to retirees: 

Affordable Housing – Compared to the national average, rent remains affordable for a Fort Worth retirement. And because the housing market is less competitive, it’s easier for newcomers to find affordable housing. 

Gorgeous Weather – Texas is a destination for a reason, boasting mild winters and humid summers. Spend your days soaking up the Texan sunshine, fishing, and hiking. Remember, though, it gets hot in the summer, with temperatures regularly hovering in the mid-90s. 

Small-Town Texas Charm – Although it’s a major metropolitan area, this city’s residents enjoy a laid-back, charming, small-town feel and a pervasive cowboy culture.

Opportunities for Camaraderie – Because Fort Worth is a popular retirement destination, opportunities abound at retirement communities and bars to socialize and make friends with like-minded folks. 

Loads of Entertainment – Fort Worth offers lots to do! Take in music or a show at Sundance Square, the city’s entertainment district, check out a cattle drive at The Herd Experience, or see a game at TCU. The opportunities are endless. 

Sound Medical Infrastructure – There are plenty of well-rated doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities in town—a must-have as you age. 

Delicious Dinners – Texas is known for its BBQ and Tex-Mex, and Fort Worth doesn’t disappoint. If those flavors aren’t for you, don’t worry—there’s world-class cuisine all over town. 

Quiet Neighborhoods – If you’re ready for a Fort Worth retirement filled with well-deserved peace and quiet, check out the city’s beautiful neighborhoods, including Rivercrest, Arlington Heights, and Fairmount. 

Easy to Get Away – Hoping to fill these years with plenty of trips? With the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport nearby, traveling to dream destinations or to see loved ones couldn’t be easier! 

Proximity to Dallas – Fort Worth is only about 40 minutes away from Dallas, which means you get the added benefit of another city’s resources and culture. When you need a break from Fort Worth life, Dallas offers a busier, more urban feel. 

Disadvantages of Retiring in Fort Worth 

As with any major city, you’ll want to know a couple of downsides before packing up and making it your home. 

Moderately High Crime Rates – Crime rates remain above the national average, although it’s considered a relatively safe city. The downtown area is one of the safer sections of Fort Worth. 

Lack of Public Transportation – While Fort Worth has a light-rail system (known to the locals as “The T”), the Trinity Railway Express, and bus routes, it isn’t a robust public transportation system. In all likelihood, you’ll want to bring a car or bike. The good news is that traffic in Fort Worth is relatively minimal, especially when compared to Dallas. 

Plan for Where You Want to Be

A successful Fort Worth retirement takes foresight and strategic planning. To get you there, the team at Trajan Wealth will learn about your needs and create a plan (and a few backup plans) for you. With our expertise and in-depth knowledge base, we can help you navigate retirement income planning and annuities.

When you work with us, our dedicated team can:

  • Map out how much you need to comfortably retire, including how much Social Security should factor into your retirement plan.
  • Work to protect your assets from local, national, and global economic volatility.
  • Mitigate potential risks so you’re on track no matter how life unfolds. 
  • Help you set attainable financial goals for the future. 

Your Fort Worth Retirement Awaits

Whether retirement is creeping up or is far in the future, it’s time to start thinking about what you want and where you’ll be. Take the first step towards the future you deserve. Trajan Wealth offers comprehensive retirement planning services centered around you.

Schedule an appointment and meet with us online or in person at our Fort Worth location. 

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