Denver Retirement Planning

Denver continues to be a sought-after destination for retirement. While the landscape is relaxing, retirement planning can too often be a stressor in our lives. Instead of handling it all yourself, our Denver fiduciary advisors help you reach the retirement you want, with contingency plans built in.

Retirement Goals? Meet Our Knowledge

Planning for a successful retirement takes time, patience, diligence, agility, and expertise. Luckily, at Trajan Wealth, we’re all of that and more. Whether you’re curious about the Denver Employees Retirement Plan (DERP), PERA benefits, or are worried about social security, you can trust our Denver retirement experts. We know the ins and outs of Colorado legislation and how it could affect your plans and goals.

Leaving your retirement planning to a fiduciary advisor is one of the best ways to protect yourself from life’s unexpected twists and turns. Our team monitors the global, national, and Colorado economies, in addition to your personal life events, navigating swiftly to keep your portfolio as solid and stable as possible. Here are just a few things we help our clients manage:


Impacts of

Asset Allocation

How You Allocate Your Assets

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When You Take Social Security Income

Medical Costs

Medical Costs &
Long Term Care

Denver Retirement Planning Services

Whether you’ve been dreaming of your retirement for years or are just starting to think about it, Trajan Wealth meets you exactly where you are. With the hearts of teachers, we talk you through our arsenal of strategies so you feel confident about the financial plan we’ve tailored to your needs.

Why Plan Ahead for a Denver Retirement

  • Too Many People Are Underprepared. Don’t be among those Colorado residents who aren’t prepared for retirement. Take time now to set up the future you want.
  • The Future is Unpredictable. Having multiple contingency plans reduces uncertainty and fear of the years ahead. When change comes (as it so often does), you’ll be grateful to have a backup plan or two in your pocket.
  • Understand Colorado’s Nuances. Individual state laws and procedures can be tricky to navigate. Luckily, the Trajan Wealth team can use Colorado’s tax codes to your advantage.
  • Rely on More Than Social Security. Social security can be a helpful asset, but if you’re looking to maintain your cost of living, let’s put multiple income streams in place.
  • Leave a Legacy. Hoping to support your loved ones or dreaming of donating to a beloved cause? Proper retirement planning helps establish the legacy you’ll leave for your loved one or Denver institutions and establishments.

At Trajan Wealth, our retirement processes put you in the center, so you can enjoy the retirement experience you deserve.


Navigating Recent & Ongoing Retirement

Retirement planning doesn’t really end. If you’re recently retired or have been retired for years but are looking for advice, our Denver fiduciaries are here to help. Whether it’s questions about social security or recommendations for annuities, we know how to navigate the road of retirement for you.

What Does Your Denver Retirement Look Like?

Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired about preparing for this chapter. As you look towards retirement, start thinking about where in Denver you’d like to live and what you’d like your daily life to look like. Whether you plan to travel, take care of grandkids, or dive into your hobbies, let’s make a plan that puts you exactly where you want to be.

Meet our Denver retirement planning team virtually or in person at our local office.

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Beyond our Denver retirement planning services, our team provides wealth management and estate planning.