Savings Account

Savings Working Just As Hard As You

With a 2.25% APY

If you have $250,000 or more, Trajan Wealth is happy to announce we are now offering a savings account paying 2.25 annual percentage yield (APY).  These accounts are designed specifically to help maximize the earning potential of your cash while providing a high level if FDIC insurance to protect your assets. This may be perfect for a small business owner or investor that have high balances of uninsured deposits at other financial institutions.

Key Features

High yield savings

High Yield

Earn more with a high 2.25 annual percentage yield. Compare that to average rate offered by a traditional bank at a meager 0.26% APY.


Daily Liquidity

Enjoy next day liquidity with no transaction fee.



FDIC insured to provide maximum safety. These cash accounts are insured up to $25 million per tax identification number, $50 million for joint accounts.

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*Trajan Wealth LLC is not a bank.  Rates are subject to change with or without notice.


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