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High APY Savings Accounts

FDIC insured and offered through Trajan Wealth


Trajan Wealth is happy to announce we are now offering a savings account paying 0.05 annual percentage yield (APY)*.  These accounts are designed specifically to help maximize the earning potential of your cash while providing a high level of FDIC insurance to protect your assets. This may be perfect for a small business owner or investor that have high balances of uninsured deposits at other financial institutions.

What is APY?

“Annual percentage yield (or APY) shows the rate of return you earn on your money in a savings account over a year after including the effect of compounding.” Read more on the math by clicking here.

0.05% APY

Key Features


Daily Liquidity

Enjoy next day liquidity with no transaction fee. Convert your asset into cash quickly and easily.



FDIC insured up to $25 million per tax identification number, $50 million for joint accounts.

Financial Fitness and ConvENience

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Trajan Wealth LLC is not a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) and is acting as an Intermediary.  Trajan Wealth is not a bank, does not offer bank deposits and its services are not guaranteed by the FDIC or any governmental agency.  Rates are subject to change with or without notice.

High Yield Savings account offered by Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors, L.P. as an Introducing Party for a deposit bank program.  The deposit bank program is established and administered by StoneCastle Cash Management, LLC.