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7 Things to Know About Retiring in Phoenix

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Life in Phoenix offers days of sunshine, a vibrant cultural scene, and a lifestyle that blends relaxation with excitement. Known for its stunning desert landscapes, Phoenix has an affordable cost of living, diverse communities, and an array of outdoor activities. 

Whether you’re seeking a desert retreat, a welcoming senior community, or new cultural horizons, discover why the Valley of the Sun might be the perfect spot for your golden years.

Is Phoenix, Arizona, a Good Place to Retire?

Retiring in Phoenix, Arizona, can be ideal for many, especially those living in cold, gray weather. Here are seven facets of Phoenix life that make it a desirable retirement destination for many:

  1. The Warm Climate: Phoenix has a desert climate with 300 days of sun a year, which means sweltering summers and mild winters. This might be a welcome change if you’ve lived in colder environments and you’re sick of shoveling snow. 
    However, be warned that you’ll want to consider the summer’s extreme heat before committing to this sunny city. 

  2. It’s More Affordable Than Most Other Cities: The cost of living in Phoenix is generally lower than in many other major U.S. cities. Housing tends to be more affordable compared to some other popular retirement destinations.
    Arizona is also relatively tax-friendly towards retirees, especially where Social Security benefits, inheritance, and estate taxes are concerned. In fact, in Phoenix, Social Security income isn’t taxed.

  3. There are Solid Healthcare Options: Phoenix has a well-developed healthcare system with numerous medical facilities and healthcare providers.

  4. It’s Easy to Get Outside: The Phoenix area offers a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, golfing, and other recreational options. In fact, there are over 100 golf courses in the great Phoenix metro area.

  5. There’s Lots to Do: Phoenix has a growing cultural scene, with museums, theaters, and plenty of recreational activities throughout the year, including events and festivals.

  6. Senior Services: Phoenix has a range of retirement communities and dedicated services for seniors. These options cater to different preferences, needs, and budgetary considerations.

  7. It’s Relatively Easy to Get Around: Phoenix has a network of highways, and the city is known for its reliance on cars. It’s worth noting that public transportation options are also available with a special discount for senior citizens. 

Is Phoenix a Good Place to Live?

Generally speaking, Phoenix is an excellent place to live, provided you like the heat. And it seems that many people do. Phoenix continues to see new residents flock to the metropolitan area, and now it’s the 10th largest metro area in the United States, coming in right after Miami.


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