college financial aid

College Awards and Financial Aid: What You Need to Know

Spring is the season when high school seniors and their families find out if their awards package at their chosen college or university will be enough or not. Whether you have an athlete looking for more money to participate in a sport at college or a student in need of

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Stong woman
Retirement Planning

5 Reasons Why Women Need To Invest

Despite progress toward financial planning and saving, women often face challenges regarding their financial security. Among these challenges is more time away from the workforce, the gender pay gap, and other factors that impact their investing and saving for retirement. Women need to recognize the barriers to saving and investing

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2022 Outlook

2022 Outlook: Transitions

Trajan Wealth seeks to generate alpha in internally managed products through a combination of macro analysis of the economy and markets and bottom-up security selection. We expected this to be a year of transitions — in policies, inflation, and pandemic management. And so far, 2022 has not disappointed. Expertise Did you

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Discuss Money with Your Partnet
Retirement Planning

Navigating Financial Planning as a Couple

Communicating about money with your significant other is vital to a successful, lasting relationship. Transparent, open-minded conversations about money are an essential step towards setting and meeting the financial goals you have as a couple. Whether you’re new to discussing household financial planning with your partner or need a refresher,

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Doctor and patient

Tips For Becoming a Wise Consumer of Healthcare

With healthcare costs continuing to rise, there are ways to help lower the cost for yourself by becoming a wise consumer of healthcare. February is National Wise Health Care Consumer Month and a great time to empower people to make smart choices regarding their healthcare. Here are a few tips

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Tax Form, Money, and Handcuffs

Five Ways to Protect Yourself From Tax Identity Theft

April 18th, 2022, is the deadline to file your 2021 taxes, and experts advise filing early ahead of scammers to ensure you get your return and someone else doesn’t. Many people may file their taxes this year expecting a return, only to find out a scammer received theirs. Tax identity

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Dallas, Texas. If you're looking for investment assistance, we can help.

Plan for Investment Taxes in Dallas, Texas

Professional financial planning makes a huge difference in your day-to-day life and future plans. At Trajan Wealth, it’s our job to look out for your financial well-being, including your investment taxes.  Investment Management in Dallas  We know firsthand that there’s a lot to consider with investment management, taxes being among

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Dice And Social Security Cards

Trouble Ahead For Social Security Retirement Benefits?

The pandemic and recession of 2020 have negatively affected the Old-Age and Survivors Insurance benefits, commonly known as Social Security retirement benefits. With fewer payroll taxes collected throughout this period due to declining workers, layoffs, decreasing working hours, and increased unemployment benefits, the fund is facing insolvency. The Social Security

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Man looking at a computer and smiling.

How to Become a Financial Advisor

Are you considering a financial career? If so, that’s exciting! Helping clients with their assets is an admirable profession. We’ll talk you through how to become a financial advisor so you can start making the right decisions for your future!  What it Takes to Become a Financial Advisor Once you

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