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Retired woman playing golf in Tucson Arizona

Retiring in Tucson, Arizona: Sunshine and Birds

Where do you see yourself when you dream of retirement? Do you picture yourself in a sunny location with lots of outdoor activities, or perhaps at a secluded lake? If you imagine a warm climate with plenty of adventures, retiring in Tucson, Arizona might be perfect for you.

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Skyline of Salt Lake City

What to Ask a Fiduciary Advisor in Salt Lake City

When seeking a fiduciary advisor in Salt Lake City, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to evaluate their qualifications, approach, and alignment with your financial goals. Personalization is essential for a successful financial planning relationship.

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Couple planning ahead for Social Security changes in 2024
Retirement Planning

Social Security Retirement: Changes for 2024

The Social Security Trust Fund needs more reserves due to a lower worker-to-beneficiary ratio caused by demographic changes. Congress needs to take action to prevent the trust fund reserves from being exhausted by 2035. Otherwise, a 24% reduction in benefits starting from 2024 is expected. Here are some of the changes forecasted.

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