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Happy Veterans Day!

Our Gratitude for Veterans

Reflecting on Veteran’s Day, CEO Jeff Junior takes time to share his gratitude for all his fellow veterans. Thank you! Take the time today to express your gratitude to someone

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Trajan Wealth October Market Review

October 2022 Market Review

he prospect of further tightening in monetary policy caused a decline of (9.5)% in the S&P 500 alone. We advocate an elevated level of diversification across asset classes following individual risk tolerance in the face of inflation.

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7 ideas to get your retirement savings on track
Retirement Planning

7 Ideas to Get Retirement Savings on Track

Planning for retirement by implementing appropriate retirement savings strategies can help you be more financially secure when you retire. It’s essential to realize that saving for retirement happens over time

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How to be smart using credit

How To Be Smart Using Credit

Taking steps towards improving your financial situation includes understanding how to manage your credit wisely. If you don’t take credit seriously, you may run into issues when applying for a

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