Two people looking puzzled at a piece of paper. Tackling credit card debt is one of the best steps you can take this year.

Tackling Credit Card Debt in the New Year

It’s no secret that credit card debt is on the rise here in the United States. Between the toll caused by the pandemic and the rising costs of living, U.S. credit card debt is estimated at $357 billion at the moment, with an average of $6,000 per household.  If you’re

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Office workers celebrating with champagne

2022 New Year’s Financial Resolutions To Implement Now

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions that work towards your financial goals, writing them down and keeping your resolutions visible is essential to your success. After you’ve written down your financial resolutions, tell others about your progress and failures. Here are some financial goals you may want to focus

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Investor thinking
Retirement Planning

Is The Backdoor Roth IRA Conversion Strategy Over?

As part of the Build Back Better Bill approved in November 2021, changes are coming to the rules for using a backdoor Roth IRA conversion. If you are considering a ‘backdoor’ Roth IRA conversion or are curious about what it is, this article will help you understand the changes coming

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Paper with words RMD required minimum distributions
Retirement Planning

Changes to RMDs in 2022: What You Need to Know

There are changes to Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) that you need to be aware of for 2022. RMD ages have changed and now the RMD tables are changing along with the new later RMD age of 72. Here are noteworthy things to know about how you may be impacted in

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Man typing at his computer. Keeping data secure is important, especially now.

Keeping Your Data Secure in a Digital World

Between unregulated social media, scammers, and unsecured websites, our systems are not always set up to protect you and your personal data.  With the sharing of personal information – sometimes by the person themselves – where does that leave privacy and personal information when it comes to your investments?  The

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Create a living trust
Estate Planning

Is It Time to Create a Living Trust?

You already know that planning your financial future is a vital part of creating a comfortable, sustainable life. But how do you know exactly when to take what steps? Creating a living trust might seem like something your parents should do, but maybe it’s time to create to protect your

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Couple walking in the sunset

Four Simple Tips To Reach Your Financial Goals in 2022

Whether you’re happy with your current financial situation or wish to improve it, now is a great time to set financial goals for 2022. Here are four simple tips to help you get started. Tip #1 – Build an Emergency fund A financial emergency may occur in 2022, so to

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How To Have A Healthy Wealth Mindset

Becoming wealthy is a financial goal some people have. But to do so, they must adopt a healthy wealth mindset by spending less, saving more, and looking for ways to improve their financial situation. Part of having a healthy wealth mindset involves monitoring ones financial situation and protecting assets.  One

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2022 taxes and calculator

End of 2021 Tax Planning: Scenarios That May Impact You

By becoming familiar with certain deductions and rules, you may be able to avoid costly tax-related mistakes. Here’s what you need to know for the end of 2021 tax planning that may impact you:   RMDs are back  Even though RMDs were suspended for 2020 under the CARES ACT, RMDs are

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Holiday presents wrapped in red and white.

4 Tips to Plan Your Holiday Spending

Whether you are ready or not, the 2021 holiday season is fast approaching. This time of year is joyful for many people, but can bring added stress as well. This is especially true when you are unsure of how to budget for the holidays. Holiday budgeting does not have to

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