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A client message from Jeff Junior, CEO

Ahead of the Curve on Chinese Securities

The reason for sanctions on Chinese companies aim to reduce US investor capital to companies that may pose national security risks. We at Trajan Wealth take our role as fiduciaries very seriously and would never invest client capital in jurisdictions that have questionable property rights, and where unelected, autocratic regimes can arbitrarily apply laws.

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Balancing act: The Fed and Interest Rates

Whither Interest Rates?

Experts believe that the Federal Funds Rate has hit its peak and interest rates may be lowered in the next year to benefit the struggling market. However, ongoing efforts to combat inflation may require further action from the Federal Reserve.

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July 2023 Market Review

To diversify investments and manage risk, we continue to recommend allocating assets across different classes. We also believe that non-traditional asset classes – “real assets” such as real estate and infrastructure, as well as private equity and private credit merit consideration given the real portfolio enhancement opportunities as we transition to a potentially lower growth environment.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Summer Travels

When we head off on our summer travels, we often leave behind our responsibilities and worries, seeking enjoyment and relaxation instead. However, this doesn’t mean that we can completely disregard our future and the well-being of our loved ones. Just as we take steps to plan our vacations meticulously, we must also take steps to plan our estates properly.

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401(k) Options for Small Business Owners

Small business owner? You should establish a retirement plan to help be more financially confident in retirement. It may also help attract and retain qualified employees and offer business tax savings.

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Benefits of Inflation

When inflation increases, people often feel the sting of paying more for groceries, gas, and almost everything else. Many may feel inflation is terrible because their paychecks are shrinking, and they don’t like paying more for the same items. But inflation also has positive benefits. Yes, really. There is an upside to inflation.

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